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About Us

We are Paper Moments

Hello, Adam and Iraa here from Paper Moments. We decided to make this website to help people find and create their perfect wedding invites.

We are professional designers by trade so when we decided to get married we wanted to make our own invitations. We got started on making colour palettes and mood boards and eventually settled on creating a floral design, wrapped in an origami card envelope complete with perspex sheet invites, all tied up in a neat bow with a wax seal. We received so much praise from friends and family that we decided it was a feeling we wanted to help pass on to others!

We’ve built up a bit of experience on where to source the best quality materials, what designs they work best with and the importance of delivering on time. Whether you are looking to go all out like we did or use one of our luxurious premade designs we’re here to make the moment someone receives one of your wedding invites, it’s as special as it can be,