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Why you should hire a Videographer!

I t’s one of the biggest days of your life, but it’s also the most chaotic! From the moment you wake up to pretty much midnight, you will be needed somewhere. Between the ceremony, posing for family photos and talking to relatives you might not have seen for a while you are going to busy. Don’t get us wrong, you will have fun but you will also miss a lot of things going on. This is where having a good wedding video comes in!

Having a video to look back and reminisce on and see all the things you might have missed is priceless.

Finding the Right Videographer.

Start searching locally, you will probably find a few capable videographers in the local area. Beware though, not all videographers are equal! We recommend asking to see a portfolio of their work to look through.  Then arrange to sit down with them and find out if their style suits the one you are looking for. Look around on the internet and find some good examples of videos to show them the exact style you want.


Pricing will vary greatly but expect to pay anywhere between £500 – £1500 for a professional job. Ask beforehand if that includes editing together a short video clip (3-4 mins) showing the highlights of the day as well as separate edits of the speeches.


For our wedding day, we hired Roar Motion who were based locally at Sunderland. Their portfolio has a wide range of amazing wedding videos. They were also very open to our ideas and suggestions for the style we wanted and planned the whole day out in advance. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer.

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